• Elisa Solea

How Flexible is a Flexible office?

Flexible offices are growing bigger and bigger with their strongest selling point being flexibility but what are the actual benefits of it and is it really worth it.

To make sure of the benefits let’s take a look of the procedure for renting an ordinary office is. When going on the market for an office rental first thing to do is figure out your expenses so you will know if you can actually afford getting your own private office. The monthly rent price is just the tip of the iceberg and we need to look further down for the real costs.

When renting an office, it is known that the minimum rental period is one year. So before taking such a commitment you need to make sure that you have good credit and strong financials for a period of 12 months. On top of that you need to figure out the monthly operating expenses like utilities/energy bills, internet, telephone lines, insurance, cleaning costs, as well as a capital cost for furniture. Be wary all these utilities will also require deposit payments, so the initial fee will be huge.

But don’t let all of the above put you off in chasing your dreams. Here is why a flexible office is the best solution for small business and entrepreneurs:


First and most important, you can rent your office space on a monthly basis until you see how the business or the cashflow grows.


No worries on the furniture, the utilities or the cleaning. At flexible office spaces all are included so you don’t expect any surprised bills at the end of the month.


Choose your space and move in and start working the same day. Flexible offices are ready to use from the day you sign.


With a Flexible office space you don't need to spend your time and energy on maintenance, the management is all over that. On the plus site there is also an onsite receptionist to greet your clients, handle your mail and answer your calls.

If you are getting ideas in taking advantage on all those offers, click here and choose the flexible office that suits you best.

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