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The fashion day of the unfashionable intruder!

Oh yes, Milan fashion week is on and even though I am more known for my eccentric attitude to life, rather than my fashion statements, I could not resist and dive into this chaotic fashion momentum that was attacking each corner of the city.

I kicked-off the day at the Nemozena event and I could not resist in taking a quick snap (apart from the glass of Mirto grappa) with the models there, wearing this timeless with unexpected twists collection, which was like a breath of fresh air to me, (or was it the models?).

Next on the list, visiting Super of Pitti Immagine tradeshow, where the amazing Ioanna Solea was showcasing her luxury handbag collection (and she also happens to be my amazing daughter). A hidden gem - and not only to my eyes - where craftsmanship pairs with poetry; an example of what can happen when quality and charm work in synergy.

A whirlwind day that made me realize that my outfit..., not always approved under the more conservative Cypriot eye was considered "normal" for once or even not loud enough. So, I ended the day thinking, so, do I care to have a fashion sense, or, furthermore to I have an idea of what that really means. Nevertheless, it took a real Italian cappuccino con cannella, to bring me back to my senses, where worries like that do not even cross the path of my dreams and made me realize that at the end of the day fashion may be just how you wear it and how you feel when you wear it!

A fashion experience/view of our Chief Vision Officer here at Ecastica Business Centers

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