• Elisa Solea

Colors at Workplace

Chromology, is another way of improving and empowering your employees and yourself at work. Working in color not only brings joy, but people are more alert, more confident and friendlier. Color in office walls can significantly impact our productivity and well being. Each color can bring a different result, for example blue is for calm, yellow for feeling warm and happy, red can stimulate and excite employees, green lowers heart rate and reduces anxiety and orange creates a more social talkative environment. This is the reason why more and more companies paint the dull greys in splashes of color. Gray, beige and white offices induce feelings of sadness and depression. Ecastica Business Centers were from the first day they opened popped in color to enhance their office spaces and create an environment that promotes productivity and creativity. So if you are looking for an office space that brings you a feeling of joy and abundance then Ecastica Business Centers is the place to be.

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