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Fairy Tale houses in Limassol, Cyprus

If you are into fantasy, then this is just for you. A few kilometers from the town of Limassol at the village of Pyrgos you will find a place that popped up from a fairy tale. The Euphoria Art Land is hidden in eucalyptus trees in a rocky hillside with lakes, water lilies, swans and gold fishes. Bright colours, positive energy and artistic expression can be felt just by looking at the pictures.

But what is even more amazing about this magical land is that these houses will be available to rent from June 2018.

You can choose from 3 houses,

the BLUE HOUSE, price €230, which is for 2 people, inspired by the turquoise colours of the peacock, decorated with mosaics and touches of Morocco and India, will take its guests to a body and soul supernatural and harmonious journey.

The EARTH HOUSE, price € 100 which features natural materials of wood, stone and woven fabrics referring to Africa will give you a sweet nostalgia from the past

The COLOUR HOUSE, price €220 ideal for 4 people with 2 double beds, details of Latin America are obvious. It’s the perfect setting for an upbeat and positive attitude.

All houses are environmentally built with the use of recycled materials. The creators were sure that you will be flooded with euphoria when staying there.

Book now through AirBnb or see more details at their website Euphoria Art Land

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