• Elisa Solea

Plogging! The new trend that should take over the world

If you love jogging or just walking outdoors then there is a new fitness fad you need to know about. Plogging! A fitness craze that appeared around 2016 but is now going global. Plogging is simple you just pick up litter while jogging. All you need is running gear and a bin bag. This new hot fitness offers a lot of benefits: you spend time outdoors, you protect the planet one litter at a time and each time you bend down to grab something you burn off extra calories and strengthen your legs.

The idea came from Sweden because they care not only about themselves but for the environment as well. So what are you waiting for? Collect and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #plogging we need more followers to keep our beaches clean.

Here is mine 4 days after the carnival in a 5m distance!

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