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Telecommuting – alternative work arrangements

Telecommuting, also called remote work or work from home, is a work arrangement were employees do not travel (commute) to work. Through mobile technology, people can use their laptops, smartphones, lock to WiFi and keep in touch with coworkers and employers while they are at home or at a coffee shop.

There was an increase of more than 115% in telecommuting the last 5 years, as well as a higher income that those who work on-site.

Even though there are a lot of benefits in telecommuting like more freedom, no working schedule to follow and more flexibility, there as many drawbacks to consider. Working from home or at a coffee shop has many distractions and you need to be extremely self-motivated. Working from home can also be a bit isolating.

The good news is that the market saw the gab and joined the best of both worlds by creating coworking environments for telecommuters. Shared office space and Hot Desk solutions offer you a reason to get out of your PJs and go to work, with a flexible timetable, go whenever you want or need. But what is more exciting about hot desks and shared office space is the pay as you use option. Adding the professional business look of an office, reception area, mind liked people and professional high speed internet, there is no reason to work from home or at a coffee shop any more.

Technology has reached new levels, using it you can work in any country of the world from your backyard. So, if telecommuting is something you are interested in you can look for a job at flexjobs.

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