• Elisa Solea

Sailing Yacht A in Limassol

The talk of the town seems to be the last few days the biggest sailing Yacht in the world that was spotted in Limassol on Saturday 21/10/17. The huge Yacht of more than 140 m long and three mammoth masts of more than 100m which stand taller than Big Ben in London, couldn't pass unnoticed.

The Sailing Yacht A as it was named by its owner is a sail-assisted motor yacht build in Kiel, Germany by Nobiskrug and designed by Philippe Starck for billionaire Russian Andrey Melnichenko. The cost of the yacht has the incredible price of $450 millions. Mr Andrey Melnichenko used his yacht to come to Cyprus for holidays.

This super-yacht is an impressive sight for everyone who sees it and everyone in Limassol photographed it and shared it in social media.

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