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The Cow Parade

At Ecastica Business Centers we are obsessed with the Cow Parade Sculptures. Little the idea of cows being sacred and a lot of each one being a piece of art from various artists, made us love them.

A little history about it. Cow Parade is the largest and most successful international public art exhibit in the world. Cow Parade events up to date have been staged in 79 cities centers worldwide in public places such as train stations, important avenues and parks.

The real size cow sculptures are made from fiberglass and are decorated by local artists. After each exhibition the statues are auctioned and the proceeds are donated to charities. It is estimated that over 250 million people around the world have seen the famous cows, and over $30 million have been raised for charitable organizations.

Each cow has a small story on where it was created, here is our collection:


Artist: Kim Polonka – Event: CowParade Denver 2006

Groovy Moo

Artist: Kay Ormond - Event: CowParade Isle of Man 2003

Emoo – Reason to Survive

Artist: Innocente Izzucar Galica – Event: CowParade La Jolla 2009

Boca Bovine

Artist: Valter Morais - Event: CowParade New York 2000

Moosicowly Speaking

Artist: Robin Tripaldi – Event: CowParade Austin 2011


Artist: Joanne Kaliontzis – Event: CowParade Boston 2006


Artists: Pilar Onatet and Mladen Vladimirow Event: Madrid 2009

Hommage to Picowso’s African Perdiod

Artist: Annalie Dempsey – Event: Johannesburg 2005

If you want to see our COW collection feel free to call us!

For more cows you can visit www.cowparade.com

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