• Elisa Solea

5 easy steps to become an entrepreneur

  1. Come up with an innovative idea. It doesn’t have to be a brand-new idea. It can be something that already exists and you have the way to make it work better, faster or even just make it look cuter!

  2. Know your market. Find your target audience and then check if they are interested in your idea

  3. Capital. What is your capital investment for the project. What do you need to start-up your business? Will you need an investor or can you do it on your own? *check out serviced office option for minimum investment on office rental (www.ecasticaoffices.com)

  4. Business Pan. Create a business plan that includes your vision for the next few years

  5. Believe in yourself. Life is all about believing in yourself and your capabilities. Jump right in and start working

Good Luck!

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