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The Good, the Bad and the Kids! Office Vs Home Office

Even though for some the home office sounds like a dream come true and lots of companies try to project the idea of home office as the best thing ever, maybe it’s not all sunshine and roses after all.

The Good

Maybe the greatest thing working from home is that you don't have to rush to work and waist time in traffic to get there.

The Bad

The distinction between work time and home time is not clear enough. Work is home and home is work. To stay focus on work while at home might be a bit tricky and the couch and bed can become a big temptation.

The Good

You can virtually connected from the comfort of your home through your phone with skype, google, hangouts and instant messages. It is like working side by side with your co-workers but you are missing out on the face to face experience and exchanging of ideas.

The Bad

Home is full of distractions. Yes at work co-workers can be that too, but at home with kids (yours and the neighbours - you are home after all) running around, dinner to prepare, looking at the kitchen sink calling you to clean it, or even a gaze outside the window can be all you need to go for a small walk outside.

The Good

Casual Friday is every day all day. PJs on!

The Bad

If something goes wrong with your hardware, computer, connection you are screwed. At work everyone gets a pass and an excuse for an extra coffee when the internet is down, when you are home alone, then that deadline with no internet is an added pressure.

Working from home may be not that difficult if you can deal with the Good, the Bad and the Kids, but if you cannot then all you need is an office with almost the costs of a home office. Serviced Offices are ideal for you. If you are in Limassol, or planning to move there and looking for one, co

ntact Ecastica Business Centers now and see what is available.

Call now +357 25365046, +357 99649787 or Email: info@ecastica.com www.ecasticaoffices.com

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