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Cyprus as a holiday destination for Russians

Cyprus has been added to the list of holiday destinations marketed by one of Russia’s largest tour operators, with some 35,000 Russian tourists expected to visit Cyprus this year.

Coral Travel and Sunmar Tours, part of Russian tour operator giant OTI Group, have included Cyprus as a holiday destination for the first time in their tour programmes. They are represented in Cyprus by Louis Travel.

Sunmar Tours has for months promoted Cyprus holiday programmes to the Russian market.

“Already last December and for the whole winter season, the Russian tourist giant started sending tourists to Cyprus on a regular basis. It is expected that in 2016, that Coral will bring to the island more than 35,000 tourists,” a statement said.

Flights launched will connect Cyprus with Russia’s eight largest cities as well as arrivals from Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.

“The Russian tour operator is confident of the advantages which Cyprus offers as a tourist destination and has since gone one step further to demonstrate this confidence by spending millions of euros to secure the required beds at Cypriot hotels as well as airline seats,” according to the statement.

According to the press release, OTI Group employs over 7,000 people and owns nine hotels from the luxury hotel chain Otium, as well as the airline Royal Flight which owns 8 aircraft and boasts a presence in six countries including Greece. In 2015, both Coral Travel and Sunmar Tours circulated in 2015 5.5 million tourists.

source: in-cyprus

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