• Elisa Solea

Cyprus rank increased on prosperity index for 2015

Cyprus ranks 39th globally in the 2015 prosperity index having risen by one place since last year, according to the Prosperity Index of Legatum Institute based in London.

The Legatum Prosperity Index is the only global index that measures national prosperity based on both wealth and wellbeing. It is calculated in 8 sub-index for 142 countries.

According to the institute Norway is ranked as the most prosperous country in the world in the seventh year running, while Central Africa Republic ranks in the last.

According to the index, Cyprus best performance is the Governance, sub-index , where it ranks 26th in 2015, and the lowest in Social Capital sub-index where it ranks 86th, an astonishing 77% in Cyprus say they can rely on others in times of need. For more info on Cyprus or other countries prosperity index you can visit www.prosperity.com

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