• Elisa Solea

15th August - Souvla day

15th of August is the Dormition of the Mother of God (Dormition of Theotokos ) one of the Christianity’s most significant days. According to Orthodoxy religion Mary ascended to Heaven at the end of her life , yet with all her body and soul. The term of ‘’Dormition’’ is known as falling asleep, because it is believed that the mother of God died without suffering. Cypriots attend religious services throughout the country.

This holiday is important for Cypriots and it is a public holiday that usually brings a week holiday with it.

But what is exciting about this holiday? The way Cypriots celebrate it! Usually they prefer to go to their villages especially around Troodos area for a more cool breeze. At this day you will be able to smell souvla in every household. Souvla is one of the most famous dishes on the island. It is large pieces of meat (lamp, pork or chicken) passed through large skewers and cooked on a foukou (= an essential and historic barbecue create to the particular Cypriot way of grilling).

Enjoy this day with a day trip at the mountains and don’t miss the opportunity of eating souvla the

Cypriot way!

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