• Elisa Solea

The largest sports event in Cyprus

As John Bingham, American marathon runner and author said “The miracle isn’t that I finished. It’s that I had the courage to start”, and Limassol is the ideal place just to do that, start your first marathon! Organized by the 9th year in a row on the 17 & 18 March, it provides runners with an amazing 100% coastal and 100% flat course. The course is the perfect choice for newly introduced members as well as for older members who want to challenge their personal best time. Add to this the coastline of Cyprus with the magnificent Mediterranean sea and you get an unforgettable experience.

The Opap Limassol Marathon GSO is the largest sports event in Cyprus. A straight course stretching 21 km along Limassol’s beachline. It offers a full marathon, half marathon, petrolina 10km energy race, 5km city race, primetel 5km corporate race and Andrey & Julia Dashin’s foundation youth race. With some many options to choose from, excuse won’t be one of them.

If we convinced you to join the event, do it now there isn’t much time left, click here

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